About Us

CMPC Biopackaging is CMPC’s packaging business, offering sustainable fiber-based solutions to promote, transport and protect our client’s products.

CMPC Biopackaging’s offering is comprised of three main business lines: boxboard, which exports high quality products to all five continents; corrugated, which integrates paper recovery, paper manufacturing, conversion of boxes and conversion of moulded pulp trays; and multiwall paper sacks, where thanks to our operations in four different countries, CMPC the fifth largest producer in the world. CMPC Biopackaging also has a distribution business in Chile.

Our products serve end-users in segments as diverse as consumer packaged goods, food and beverages, pharmaceutical, building materials, chemicals, industrial products, agricultural products, fresh produce and salmon. Amongst our clients are leading companies at a local, regional and global levels.

CMPC Biopackaging is connected with our society’s needs of today and tomorrow, promoting the bioeconomy to solve the main issues our planet is facing, to ensure a sustainable development for future generations.

Strong relationships with our communities and the environment, embracing the challenges of today and tomorrow with a deep sense of commitment.

Top Executives


Jorge Navarrete

Chief Executive Officer, CMPC Biopackaging


Jorge Aldana

Chief Engineering Officer, CMPC Biopackaging


Catherina Aliaga

Chief People Officer, CMPC Biopackaging


Carlos Cepeda

Chief Executive Officer, CMPC Biopackaging Corrugados


Fernando Hasenberg

Chief Executive Officer, CMPC Biopackaging Sack Kraft


Francisco García-Huidobro

Chief Executive Officer, CMPC Biopackaging Boxboard


Nicolás Moreno

Chief Executive Officer, CMPC Biopackaging Edipac


Patricio Vargas

Chief Financial Officer, CMPC Biopackaging

Differentiating Strengths

CMPC’s fiber enables us to offer high-quality cost-competitive sustainable packaging solutions to our clients. Our differentiating strengths are as follows:

  • Products with consistent high quality over time, due to the use of radiate pine fiber, which comes from forest plantations that are certified to be managed sustainably
  • Vertical integration in all of our business lines
  • Long-standing commercial relationships with our customers and long-term commitment to the markets we serve
  • Specialized technical service and personalized customer service
  • Support from CMPC, one of the largest forestry groups in the world, guaranteeing financial stability, solvency and reliability