CMPC worked on the manufacture of Natural Kraft, a natural natural cardboard without stucco ’, a product that maintains the characteristics of a conventional cardboard, eliminating the final coating. The coating is a coverage of one or several layers that confer different qualities, including weight, surface, reduction in ink absorbency, among others.

In this way, CMPC delivers to the market a packaging material that differs thanks to its natural appearance, which privileges the use of unbleached fibers and without the incorporation of the final coating layer, giving customers a new alternative for packaging of products through innovative and environmentally friendly solutions.

Over the last few years, there has been an increased demand for sustainable packaging in the retail sector. CMPC has developed a product line, manufactured mostly from recycled paper, to be able to serve customers and consumers of this segments. The offering consists in stock bags, which come in different standard formats and designs, as well as tailor made solutions for customers looking for specific characteristics and/or differentiation.