Our products serve end-users in segments as diverse as consumer packaged goods, food and beverages, pharmaceutical, building materials, chemicals, industrial products, agricultural products, fresh produce and salmon. Amongst our clients are leading companies at a local, regional and global levels.


CMPC Biopackaging Boxboard produce and commercialize folding boxboard since 1951, delivering products of the highest quality thanks to their extensive experience, advanced technology and the raw materials they use.




Corrugados is CMPC Biopackaging's corrugated boxes and moulded pulp trays business line. This business comprises the entire value chain, from paper recovery, passing through paper manufacturing, to boxes and trays conversion, for the fresh produce and industrial sectors.

Sack Kraft

Sack Kraft is a multiwall paper sacks regional provider, vertically integrated with operations in Chile, Perú, México and Argentina. Thanks to its radiata pine's fiber, CMPC Biopackaging offers products of consistent high quality over time to its customers.



Edipac is the main distributor of paper and boxboard in Chile, commercializing products from both CMPC and other quality providers